Hubert Estate

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A gem of the Yarra valley. Impressive architecture meets delightful food and some of the worlds finest cold-climate wines. A stunning flight to a stunning winery thats not to be missed

Flight Details

$1570 for 2 passengers – $785 pp

$1920 for 3 passengers – $640 pp

$1920 for 4 passengers – $480 pp

45 min flight time | Total tour time 4 hours


This tour is exclusive as per your flight booking.

Maximum acceptable passenger weight per seat is 136 kgs (as per the Robinson operating manual) and total combined passenger weight (including clothes and personal belongings you plan to take with you on the flight) must be below 270 kgs for 2 passengers or below 450kgs for 3-4 passengers.

Recommended for ages 5 years and above

Important: This booking is subject to availability at the venue