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Huge welcome back folks! We are absolutely stoked to see your happy faces and get you back up in the skies.

Student Congratulations

We are so proud of Brett McGrane for having passed his PPL with flying colours. Well done mate, what an incredible achievement!

Pictured L to R: Brett during a flight lesson; Glenn and Brett all smiles post flight test

Pilot Admin

Given we are all feeling the effects coming out of a long-winded lockdown, we thought it would be timely to include some friendly reminders for our fellow pilots:

  • Flight Reviews: Is your flight review on the horizon? If it is, make sure you book your flight test in advance and get your preparation underway.

  • Class 1/ Class 2 Medical: If your medical is coming up for renewal, start off with theCASA website to complete your online application and then book yourself in for a medical examination with your DAME.

  • ASIC: To save yourself having to scramble at the 11th hour allow yourself plenty of time for the renewal of your ASIC.

Remember it’s the pilot’s responsibility to stay current so have a quick check of your licences/ certificates/ ID to stay on top of the admin.


  • COVID-19 Update: With the easing of restrictions for Victoria, face masks are no longer required to be worn on site or in the helicopter. All students and visitors are required to check-in using the QR Code and present their proof of vaccination when visiting us for the first time post lockdown.

  • PPL Theory Course: The 2-week PPL Theory Course with Chris will run from Monday, 29 November through to Friday, 10 December. This course is fully booked however we are seeking expressions of interest for our next course slated for February2022. Should you wish to enrol please contact us via phone (9118 8841) or email (

  • Christmas Holidays Closure: We will be closed for a week starting Saturday, 25 December until 1 January 2022.

Flying in to the sun - Top tips

Flying West at dusk into the unforgiving glare of a setting sun can be quite a challenge. So here are some handy tips should you ever find yourself in the situation:

  • Before embarking on your flight, make sure that the bubble is sparkling clean. A clear windscreen will make all the difference when your visibility is being adversely impacted by the glare of a setting sun.

  • It’s good practice to wear or have on your person a hat and sunglasses especially for those longer flights.

  • If your visibility is being reduced to a greater extent, it can be useful to look for landmarks within a smaller radius and ensure that you are able to maintain your planned flight path. Local knowledge of the area can certainly aid navigation in low visibility conditions.

  • If you have advance notice of having to fly at dusk, then good flight preparation can never go astray.