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Helicopter PPL

A PPL is the licence to get if you have a passion for flying but don’t wish to work in the industry. Upon completion of your practical and theory training, you will be allowed to hire out any aircraft you have been endorsed for with as many passengers as you like (so long as there are enough seats). There is no limit on the distance you can travel and you’ll be able to operate in controlled airspaces.

Many of our students who have completed their PPL have either purchased their own helicopter to explore the country, or hired out helicopters from our fleet here at Melbourne Heli to take friends and family on tours around Victoria. The license is recognised accross Australia and can be converted to some international private licenses.


  • Complete 50 hours of flight training
  • Undertake an English language assessment
  • Obtain a class 2 medical
  • Pass the PPL helicopter theory exam
  • Pass the PPL flight Test.
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