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I found a new appreciation for the bay when I flew around it. It's a great open space with the most amazing blue water, something I often forget when I'm on the ground. The Mornington Peninsula is particularly beautiful to fly over with its beach huts perched on the sand and sail boats bobbing in the water all the way down; it makes you want to explore on foot as well. Once you're around to the Bellarine Peninsula, Jack Rabbit and Mt Duneed Estate make for two fine lunch options. The remaining coast line continues to impress past Geelong and back into Essendon. A beautiful way to enjoy the blue gem that is Port Phillip Bay - Pilot Gray 

$849 per person for  2-4 people | 70 min flight time 

Total tour time 1 hr 30 min


  1. This tour is exclusive as per your flight booking.

  2. Maximum acceptable passenger weight per seat is 136 kgs (as per the Robinson operating manual).

  3. Call us at +61 3 9118 8841 to arrange a stopover at Jack Rabbit or Mt Duneed Estate.

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