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OzRunways Information Session and Melb Heli’s 10th Birthday

OzRunways Information Session

Hangar 7 will be hosting an OzRunways information session delivered by OzRunways themselves! The session will begin at 11:00 on the 22nd of July which will happily coincide with Melbourne Heli’s 10th birthday. The information session is free and open to all, we only have limited space in the hangar so get in fast to secure your seat for what is bound to be a very helpful tutorial.

To celebrate 10 years of terrorising Melbourne’s skies, we are hosting lunch and drinks after the information session. If you are a veteran pilot, a brand new student or have never flown before, you are more than welcome. It will be a great chance to catch up with the Melb Heli crew to share and hear some old stories. If you’re lucky you may even catch a photo of Chris without a beard 🙂

If you would like to confirm your attendance to either event please rsvp to info@melbourneheli.com with your name, any guests you plan to bring with you and any dietary requirements if you are interested in joining us for lunch. Alternatively you can leave your details on the signup sheet located at the front desk and in the student room.

Hope to see you there!

The Melb Heli team

Student congratulations

It’s been a busy couple months of training and we have some good news to share!

Rachael Leeson –  welcome to the solo pilot’s club. A fantastic effort to get there within a few weeks of training at Melb Heli!

Right: Rachel on her first solo enjoying having the G2 to herself.

June Newsletter first solo

Congrats to our most recently qualified pilots! Emily Raleigh and Alastair Wood passed their commercial license tests and an anonymous student sat and passed his private license test with Alex.

A lot of time and effort has been put in to achieve these milestones and we tilt our hats to your dedication. Especially facing the frustrating bouts of poor weather we have been having recently.

We wish you all the best in your future piloting endeavours!

CPL competion

Left: Emily Raleigh all smiles after completing her CPL.

CPL Graduate with Melbourne Heli

Right: Alastair Wood posing next to DGL after earning his CPL

Staff News

Welcome to Harry and Ruben who have recently started as line pilots; they have written a brief introduction for themselves below.

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Harry King

G’day, My name’s Harry, I’m 21 and started my training with Melbourne Heli at the end of 2020. After 2.5 years of slowing prodding away at my hours, I earned my CPL at the start of May this year. I’ll be working 4 days a week with Melb Heli and if all goes to plan; studying mechanical engineering from the end of July. I’m a big fan of the outdoors and try to get in a few hikes/adventures a year with anyone misguided enough to come with me. Please say hello if you see me at the front desk or in the hangar, I’m always keen for a chat.


Helicopter Pilot at Melbourne Heli
Ruben Gonzalez

Hi, I’m Ruben! I’ve been flying for almost 15 years, but unfortunately I thought aeroplanes were the way to go when I was younger! After recently converting my pilot qualifications to the helicopter side of things, I was lucky enough to be offered a pilot job here at Melbourne Heli doing scenic and charter flying part-time, which I commenced earlier this year. Flying is my passion and what I’ve worked towards building a career in my whole life, so hopefully I’ll be able to find myself flying an Ambulance or Police chopper later on life. I have a passion for teaching as well, so if you see me around come and say hello and feel free to ask for help!

Congratulations to Jason for reaching 250hrs flight time and beginning his instructor rating with Alex and Glenn. He’ll be taking students up in no time!

Alex has earned his Low Level examiner endorsement and is approaching his night VFR examiner endorsement. Not only is this great news for him, but it will mean Low level and NVFR students will be able to sit their exams with a familiar face in the left seat.

Safety Note: Oil Levels in Aircraft

We are adopting new minima for oil levels in the aircraft.

The G2s are to have a minimum of 5 quarts of oil (manual requires 4-6)

The R44s are to have 7.5 quarts of oil (manual requires 7-9)

Stickers to this effect have been placed on the aircraft as a reminder.

G2 Oil Level

Coming Up…

SMART aviation

SMART Aviation Learning Management System (LMS)

In the coming weeks we will be trialling a new Learning Management System called SMART. Some students may have already received invitations as we trial the student record logs. This new system will provide students with up-to-date access to their lesson records, a logbook which auto-updates with flight times, lesson scheduling and more.

In a perfect world the trial will be seamless however realistically we expect a few teething issues. If you encounter any problems, bugs or inefficiencies we would be delighted to hear from you so we can be aware of the problem and fix it. We monitor the info@melbourneheli.com mailbox daily.

Students who are flying solo; we will need you to fill in the details of your medical which will allow us to schedule solo flights in the system.

Please don’t hesitate to ask via email or in person if you would like to be shown the new system and what it has to offer.