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Melbourne Heli Photography Competition

Over the next two months we are hosting a helicopter photography competition. The winner will be granted $200 towards a flight of their choice and the top three photographers will have their image hung on the walls of Hangar 7!

The photo may contain whatever you like however we will favour helicopter-related content. If your photo is taken in flight; you MUST be with an instructor. We encourage you to ask your instructor to take a photograph on your behalf, or, at an appropriate time, politely request they to take control and snap the flick yourself.

To submit; post your image on instagram or facebook and tag us at #melbournehelicopters.

You are welcome to make as many submissions as you like.

Winners will be announced on the 29th of September and published in September’s newsletter. Have a browse through some photographs from July below for some inspiration.

Happy snapping!

Student congratulations

This month Roman Furer and Mike Everest both flew their first solo circuits. Welcome to the solo pilot’s club! We look forward to seeing you take to the skies unencumbered by an instructor 😉

Congratulations to Justin Bentley as well for completing his low level rating with Alex.

Right – Glenn posing with a beaming Roman after his first solo lap of Bacchus

student July

OzRunways Presentation and 10 Year Anniversary

Runway Presentation

Thank you to all who attended the OzRunways information session. We were blessed with a beautiful day and an informative presentation on the popular EFB. Looking ahead, we plan to begin integrating OzRunways into our PPL and CPL courses to familiarise everyone with the software. Keep an eye out for an OzRunways Student dashboard and shared flight plans that will become available over the next few months.

Left A photo of the gathering as the OzRunways team presented

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Aircraft News

aircraft news

At the start of the month we welcomed JDZ into the flock. The EC120 is a single turbine engine helicopter which will be available for flight training and charter work. JDZ is now the second EC120 in the hangar. It is one of only two aircraft in the world which can be flown command from the left seat. This three bladed beast cruises at 110-120kts with a burn rate of a staggering 100kgs per hour. Book some flying in JDZ using the link below!

Safety Note: Loose Items in Cockpit

A recent accident in the US highlights the importance of cockpit security.

As we now commonly carry iPads and other personal electronic devices (PEDs) it is our responsibility to make sure these devices are secured and do not become a hazard during flight.

One way to mitigate the risk is to always have any PEDs or loose items secured in a cradle, kneeboard or baggage compartment. An emergency or even normal operation can induce unusual flight attitudes which may dislodge unsecured items that can hinder a pilot’s controls.

If interested, please have a read of the link below.