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Designed specifically for training by French engineer, Bruno Guimbal, the G2 is a great alternative to the Robinson series if the weather turns askew. We’re excited to be the first company in Victoria to fly this machine. A composite fuselage, fully articulated rotor head with three composite fibreglass blades, and a Fenestron are among the many safety features this newly engineered helicopter have to offer. The G2 brushes gusting winds of up to 40 knots off its shoulder and doesn’t mind a little rain when it washes through, making it a flexible training machine. A glass cockpit aids students in accuracy and the kevlar fuel tank is literally bullet proof, what more can we say?


Introducing the Robinson R44 Cadet. This lightweight, high powered two seater boasts increased endurance and power to weight ratio. The Cadet provides increased safety in its ability to carry more fuel on your training flights.

Extra cargo space allows for carrying more equipment during photography and filming operations. Students can substitute training in the R44 Raven for training in the R44 Cadet, the benefit being the ability to obtain an R44 endorsement at a reduced cost.


The Robinson R44 is one of the most widely used Helicopters in Australia for commercial purposes. Students training with us typically complete an endorsement on the R44 as part of their commercial training. This significantly aids students seeking employment following the completion of their licence, as it is likely the first helicopter they will fly moving into their career. In addition to training, we use our R44 for helicopter tours, and aerial photography around Melbourne. All seats in the R44 are window seats, a perfect machine for touring. Aiding in comfort are leather seats, and air conditioning. 



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