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Our advanced training courses are tailored for both Australian and international helicopter license holders. Each course is efficient and thorough, ensuring you achieve the highest quality training whilst minimising the cost to you. There are no up front deposits or fees due to our pay-as-you-fly structure which leaves you with full control over the timeframe and progression of your training.

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Converting to an Australian Licence? Whilst there is no specific course for a licence conversion, it’s certainly something we can help with. We’ve provided some of the basic requirements, however, please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any other questions.


R66 low level


Many organisations in the industry use gas turbine helicopters for almost any operation. A commercial pilot will need to obtain a turbine endorsement in order to fly them. We offer this endorsement in the R66, EC120 and H125 helicopters on which you can concurrently conduct a type rating.


  • A private or professional helicopter license
  • Expect 3-5 hours of practical flight on type
  • Pass the flight review


Unlock the night skies with a Night VFR rating. This course will take you through the practical, theoretical and legal nuances of night flying. Explore both the well lit Melbourne cityscape and darkness of regional airfields.


  • Hold a private or professional pilot licence
  • Competency based flight time, with a minimum of 10hrs of night flying required.
  • Pass the flight test​
night vfr
flight review


We offer biennial flight reviews in the Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44, Robinson R66 Turbine, EC120 and H125. Please give us a call or send an email using the link at the top of the page to organise your flight.

  • Allocate 4 hours to complete your flight review
  • Expect 1.5 hrs of flight time


A low level rating is required for any operation below 500ft. The list includes agricultural work, mustering, and low level instruction.


  • Hold a private or professional pilot licence
  • Competency based flight time, with a minimum of 5 hours is required.
  • Pass the flight test
Country flying
commercial heli licence


An instructor rating is highly beneficial for any pilot to obtain. The additional training and study required to achieve it significantly improves a pilot’s capabilities. It is further considered a highly stable position.


  • Hold a Commercial Pilot Licence or higher
  • Have a minimum 250 hours of flight experience before commencement of the course Pass the CASA PIRC exam
  • Additional flight training time is competency based, however each school will have an approved syllabus stating how many hours must be flown. Melbourne Heli requires 33.6 dual hours (for Grade 3)
  • An amount of briefing practice is also required and again competency based. We suggest you plan for around 100 hours worth.
Info pack - advanced training