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We take you from having no prior experience in aviation to being a fully qualified helicopter pilot. You are in the helicopter from day one, learning one-on-one with our experienced instructors to gain a Commercial, Private or Recreational Pilot Licence.

We also offer Advanced Training {Night VFR, Gas turbine rating, Low level, Instructor rating, Overseas licence conversions, Type endorsements, Flight Reviews} and Classroom Instruction for both PPL and CPL Theory.


Recreational Pilot Licence

A non-commercial licence for those with a passion for flight.


Private Pilot Licence

A non-commercial licence without restrictions on distance, or number of passengers.


Commercial Pilot Licence

For those looking to make a career in aviation. 

Our flight school is located within close proximity of Essendon Fields Airport and is easily accessible via the Tullamarine freeway. We're approximately 20 minutes away from Melbourne CBD and well connected to Western Victoria. The key advantage of flying out of Essendon is the exposure students get to controlled airspace; it helps students gain confidence in the use of radios and the ability to follow procedures in Air Traffic-controlled areas.

Melbourne Heli is an issuing agent for your Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC). Drop us a line or call us for more information.

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