Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. However, there is always an element of risk associated with any form of aviation. With huge advances in technology and strict maintenance and training regimes, flying helicopters is now safer than it has ever been.

It’s largely up to you as to the length of time it takes to complete your licence. We don’t have scheduled classes that run throughout the year, we organise one-on-one lessons with you when you are available to come in.

For example if your goal was to attain a Commercial Pilots Licence, you must build up a minimum of 105 flight hours. If you flew for 2 hours a week, it would take approximately 1 year. If you flew for 1 hour a week, it would take 2 years and so on.

The only government requirement regarding a time frame is for your CPL theory exams; all seven must be completed within a 2 year time frame. We also recommend flying at least once every two weeks, so as to retain your muscle memory for flight.

Probably not. At Melbourne Helicopters we have trained students ranging in age from 14 all the way through to 80! The only age related requirment is for commercial work, you must be 18 years +

No. However, at least a class 2 medical is required prior to flying solo for PPL & CPL students. An RPL student requires a recreational aeronautical medical practioners certificate (RAMPC) before going solo.

You should undergo your appropriate medical examination sooner rather than later. If you have any medical issues that might prohibit you from obtaining a medical certificate, it would be good to know this before investing a lot of time and money in your training.

Cost will vary slightly, depending on how long it takes for individuals to master flight operations. However as a guide we tell students to budget for $30k for a Private Pilot Licence, and $65-70k for a Commercial Pilot Licence. We’ve prepared an example of these costs with a breakdown for review in our training information pack.

Info pack

We teach you on a one-to-one basis in two hour lesson blocks, each lesson covering a small section of the flight training syllabus. Lessons follow the basic structure of a pre flight brief followed by a practical flight, and conclude with a post flight brief. A pre flight brief will see you and one of our instructors sit down to discuss which manoeuvres will be flown and the safety surrounding them, you’ll then head out to the helicopter for flight practice, and lastly sit down for a post flight discussion on how the lesson went. Once you have mastered a given section of the syllabus, you move on to the next section.

The frequency of lessons will depend on an individual’s availability. Generally speaking you can fly as little or as much as you like in order to complete the entire syllabus. Though we do recommend having at minimum of one flight every two weeks, so as to maintain muscle memory.

Students typically conduct home study in order to complete the theory components of each course. However we do offer one-to-one theory lessons in addition to this should you wish to book in; these also run for two hours at a time.

A PPL holder can do all the same things as a CPL holder just not for hire or reward. If you intend on being employed as a pilot you would need a CPL.

With an RPL licence you can only fly non-turbine helicopters, with only 1 passenger, not beyond 25 nautical miles from where you depart. Whereas with the PPL licence, you are only restricted to not flying for hire or reward.

Good news! You don’t need perfect eyesight to fly here in Australia. In 1989 Dr Arthur Pape proved that perfect colour vision wasn’t necessary to safely pilot an aircraft.

Spectacles, contact lenses, and reading glasses are also fine, as long as you take them with you on the flight.

We recommend visiting the school/s you’re interested in training with. It’s the best way to see if it might be a good fit for you. You can head out for a trial flight, or simply sit and have a chat about how lessons are run. If you would indeed like to train with us, please book below.