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Student News

We had a very busy start to the month with 4 students obtaining licenses before the holiday break.

Nick Bell flew a helicopter for the first time in April 2019 on his trial introductory flight (TIF) with Alex Thorsen. Despite working full time, he has plugged away at his hours and in early December became a fully licensed private pilot. Dedication, patience, and hard work have reaped their rewards and the MH team couldn’t be more impressed with your efforts. Well done Nick, we can’t wait to see you in the skies.

Congratulations are also in store for Nick Sevior who ticked off his Private License last month. Well done reaching this massive milestone Nick, It has been a pleasure having you around and we will miss your entertainment… At least until that new license arrives.

Peik Brand has returned to Melbourne Heli after earning his CPL in the US. In December he successfully completed an Australian license conversion with Alex Poole in the traffic helicopter VH-WYS. Peik has taken up a role with ATN and will be flying the orange R44 traffic chopper around Melbourne so keep an eye out for him in the skies. Congratulations on the new job and the license conversion Peik.

Last but certainly not least is Trish Sullivan. I’m sure many readers of the newsletter will have crossed paths with Trish at least once or twice in their time at MH and will agree that she is one of a kind. We’re not sure if Trish spent more time in the air, stalling Glenn so she didn’t have to go flying, or baking the team (and Essendon tower) what would have been kilos of goodies. Nonetheless, she successfully achieved the coveted PPL(H). The feeling is bittersweet as we won’t see you around as often but celebrate the accomplishment and enjoy the license. Congratulations Trish.

Helicopter student pilot flying over Urban Surf Melbourne
Helicopter private license student and his instructor celebrating passing his PPL test
Student and instructor celebrating PPL

Top left: Nick Bell looking out over Urban Surf during his training.

Top Right: Instructor Glenn with Trish after she successfully completed her PPL test.

Bottom Left: Nick Sevior next to a proud Glenn after Nick was awarded his PPL.

Staff News

It hasn’t just been our students kicking goals, a number of MH staff also ticked off some big achievements before the year’s end.

With a number of fixed wing hours already under his belt and making a charge during the busy charter season in the MH R44s, Ruben ticked over 500 total flight hours in December. Congratulations on reaching this big milestone, it flags a great start to your career.

Jason made the leap to instructing last month after completing his flight instructor rating (FIR) with Alex Poole and passing his test in mid December. To celebrate, he ran off to spend two weeks in Thailand! Its great to have Jason back from his travels and see him settle into his new instructing role. Keep an eye out for Jason in the booking system, he’s available to book now.

Wing has embarked on an around-the-world trip for the start of 2024. The team wishes you safe travels on what will undoubtably be a amazing adventure. We, your students included, can’t wait to hear your stories on return. All the best Wing.

Melbourne Heli's newest instructor

Above: Instructor graduate Jason looking dapper in the EC120