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We’re pleased to welcome everyone back to the hangar after an undoubtedly trialling time. Flight operations will continue as per normal, with a skeleton crew operating over the Christmas period. We encourage everyone to continue wearing masks and maintain good hygiene practices when training. We look forward to seeing you all in again and a very happy holidays to all.

Alex Poole is our new HOO

Congratulations to Alex Poole who is now officially the Head of Operations here at Melbourne Heli. For matters concerning the flight school, Alex will be the primary contact.


Kangaroo Ridge Retreat Holiday Package

Rebecca, a former student at Melbourne Heli, and her partner Simon own and run Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, a private holiday haven in the Yarra Valley. Chris and Pam visited them a little while back and couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a flight package with them, just in time for the lift of lockdown. What better way to celebrate?

The package is designed for a couple and includes:
Helicopter flight out to Kangaroo Ridge Retreat

  • 2 nights accommodation (additional nights can be organised)
  • Private tour at a local Yarra Valley winery
  • Daily breakfast + dinner at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat
  • Private car return transport to Essendon Fields.

Experience flying around Melbourne at night!

We now offer helicopter night ratings (NVFR) in our Robinson R44, allowing you to experience the wonders of flying around our beautiful city at night.

What does a Night VFR rating allow you to do?
– Pilot an aircraft at night under the VFR
Night VFR Requirements:
– Hold a Private Pilot Licence, or Commercial Pilot Licence.
– Complete at least 10 hours of aeronautical experience, including at least five hours of dual cross-country flight time at night under VFR.
– Pass the Night VFR flight test.

Give us a call to book yourself in.


New Lessons Times

To make the most of daylight hours over the summer months, we’ve set up additional early morning and late afternoon lesson times for 2020/2021.

Please note that additional times are not available Sat / Sun / Mon. The early lesson will appear in your booking information with a start time of 0600, however it is actually 0630.

Tues / Wed / Thurs / Fri
Early: 0630 – 0800
Afternoon: 1630 – 1800

Instructor's tip of the month:

Chief Chris gives this advice to everyone, student or otherwise:

Walk around your helicopter before you take off, I guarantee you’ll find something. Loose fuel caps, open doors, wheels still attached, ‘remove before flight’ covers that haven’t been removed. There will be something, especially that one time when you don’t check.

Separate to the daily inspection, a quick walk around the helicopter before you start up can save you time, pain and a likely red face.


Safety Corner: Flight Recency

If you’re anything like us here at hangar 7, you’ll be itching to fly again having been in lockdown for the better part of a year. We’re thrilled to be able to take students again, though we thought it worth a post to caution everyone to check in with themselves before they jump headfirst into training. It takes a moment to wake up that muscle memory and reorient yourself in the helicopter, even for us – we spent the first few days back at work making sure we had a proper sense of flying the machines again. So on your first flight back with us we recommend taking a relaxed pace, get used to the sounds and vibrations, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just enjoy the feeling of flying again.